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5 Signs Your Partner Could Be Having An Affair (2020 edition)

5 Signs Your Partner Could Be Having An Affair (2020 edition)

5 Signs Your Partner Could Be Having An Affair (2020 edition)

Hey ladies, if you're reading this, things might not be going so well for your relationship right now. Just remember, that there will be better days ahead. If you've ever been doubtful about your relationship or have had a weird feeling about your partner doing the "you know what" behind your back, this blog will help you get to the bottom of it. It's time to put on your detective hat, and go through the 5 stage check list.

Our relationship experts got you covered with the five tips below:

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1. Their phone
We really don't recommend this one, and really only do this at your own risk. Has your man been using their phone more frequently? Hiding the screen from your eyes? That's not a good sign. A sign your man is cheating on you could be the fact that your man does not want you to see who he is talking to. Even more so, if they suddenly start guarding their phone with their life by taking it with them everywhere -- to the shower or never leaving it in the car when he runs out to grab something. Ladies, something may be up, I mean what else can't they share with you?
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2. Where's the Money?
A possible sign that your man is cheating on you is when money goes missing and you ain't even rocking something new. Extra charges on his credit card or less money in his bank account, could mean he is cheating. How? Cheating costs money! Whether its for hotel rooms, gifts, dates, etc. Ask your partner, if he is being secretive, evades the question, or you can tell he is flat out lying? Time to dig deeper!
3. Advertisements - cover your tracks!
Technology in today's world is scary, yet amazing. Constantly googled items and places start placing ads everywhere you look from Facebook to Youtube to Instagram. If you are noticing advertisements for things you never searched for, places you have never been, infidelity may be the reason. Your partner may be searching for things to buy or places to go with his side piece. 
4. Silence or nothing to talk about?
My fellow girlies, its 2020! When are you with out your phone? If your man starts taking longer than normal to reply especially if they use to reply regularly, we may have a problem. Or on the flip side, when you're with them and their phone goes off, his reaction is panicked. He may be worried to know who is actually calling him. That my friends, is a sign of cheating!
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5. Weird Vibes - Somethings not right....
Any behaviour that is out of the ordinary is something to watch out for. If your man is taking longer to get ready (caring more about his looks) or saying things he usually doesn't say or even catching him little lies, those are some signs of cheating girls. If he is acting different and you don't recognize him any more, girls, you need to check him and save yourself. Lying and being secretive will cause anyone to be nervous and cause him to stutter. So ask those questions and see how he reacts. 
If you're going to put your secret agent skills into action and practice any of these 5 tips, remember to be respectful of your partners privacy, (we don't want to come off as the psycho ex-girlfriend). Most importantly, remember to love and respect yourself ladies. If you find out that your partner is doing having an affair, be strong and do what you gotta do. Lastly, if you found this blog useful, be sure to share it with friends, family, or anyone who might find it useful.