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Luvify was founded exclusively as a female self-love brand in 2019. Our mission is to break the social stigmas surrounding female sexuality and gender role identities through the promotion of self-love. Our brand emphasizes on the beliefs that modern women of today should have every right to express their sexuality openly in a judgement free environment. We strive each day to create a brand that continues to embody these values.

Luvify is here to make a statement in the adult toy industry by offering a wide range of luxury sex toys. Aside from our line of self-love products, we are renowned by females of all ages for our weekly blog posts. Vibrators, dildos, clit suckers, vagina massagers - you name it, we have it. Whether you’re in search of wholesome relationship advice or tips on spicing up your bedroom life, our blogs might just have the advice you’re looking for.
Now let’s get back to the reason why you’re here! Did you know, according to a research study conducted in North America in 2017, 60-80% of females can’t experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse and 12% of women have never experienced an orgasm under any circumstance in their life – and that’s what we’re here for ladies.
Here at Luvify, we live by a very simple belief – We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had more orgasms. We believe that every female should own at least a couple of sex toys.